About Threshold Housing Development

Threshold Housing Development, Inc. (THD) is a nonprofit organization formed by Fayette County Community Action Agency and Community Action Southwest in 1991 to develop and provide safe and affordable housing for low income families in Fayette, Greene and Washington Counties.  Over the last 20+ years, Threshold has established many innovative partnerships that have led to the development of more than 150 new homes and 150 rehabilitated homes.


Not only does THD construct and renovate housing that is sold to lower-income area residents but it also links them to the Community Action Agencies for housing counseling services where counselors work with homebuyers to determine what they can afford, review credit scores, determine how scores can be improved, discuss options for down payment assistance and explore pre-qualification for suitable loan programs.


Currently, Threshold accomplishes its housing development goals through three different programs: New Construction, Rehabilitation for Resale and the USDA Rural Development Self-Help Program.